American painter, Joan Lawson - Southwestern art.

                 JOAN LAWSON - Fine art from Texas artist Joan Lawson. Acrylic paintings, collages...

                   Fine art with a Southwestern emphasis


The American West Series by Joan Lawson
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The Harvest, Acrylic on Paper, 40"x32", $900 The Hunter, $495 18 x 24 Acyrlic on Canvas SOLD
SOLD Balance, Acrylic on Paper, 33"x18", $175 Calling Forth the Spirits, Acrylic on Paper, 32" x 24", $495

"I grew up in Oklahoma, and the Native American Spirit has always been a part of my life.  I sense the presence of those ancestors when I walk the land.  Having attended powwows and participated in rituals, I am drawn to express their presence in my paintings."

Joan Lawson

7744 El Dorado Drive
Austin, Texas 78737
(512) 288-0574

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